What We Do

The Career Center leads campus efforts to prepare students for the transition to life after college and the path to lifelong career success.

We accomplish this by:

  • Delivering career-readiness education to students through individual, group, real-time, and on-demand interaction,
  • Generating and connecting students to career opportunities via employer and alumni networks 
  • Guiding students throughout their journey to career success.


We inspire, empower, and connect SJSU students, educators, and employers to build the workforce of the future.


Every Spartan emerges career ready and equipped for lifelong career success. 



To build a meaningful career, students must identify opportunities, take risks, and get comfortable with new situations.  

Therefore, we design our services to foster motivation, opportunity-recognition, prudent risk-taking, and comfort with ambiguity and uncertainty.


Students are emerging contributors who must actively test career options, forge their strengths, and build confidence.

Therefore, we align our services to emphasize active life design, direct engagement with working professionals and career experiences, and strengths-focused development.


Career success involves more than finding a job; it must be connected to personal goals, community roles, strengths, interests, values and many other elements of a rich life.   

Therefore, we approach each student as a unique individual.  We foster reflective learning through career prototyping rather than adherance to prescriptive career guidance.  We encourage self-determination rather than a takeover of the developmental steps students must take on the path toward lifelong career management.


SJSU’s students offer essential talent and diverse perspectives that employers need to create resilient and relevant organizations.  

Therefore, we align with NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice, which emphasize equity, access, and adherence to the law.  We foster equitable recruiting processes rather than direct placements or referrals.  We encourage employers to form diverse candidate pools in search of capabilities and potential as much as strict qualifications.  


Observing models of professionalism and leadership are key to student identity and career development.  

Therefore, in our work we strive to model honesty, commitment to quality, responsiveness, and willingness to learn from feedback.