Career Treks

Career Treks are hands-on experiences where groups of 15-30 students have the opportunity to visit different companies and organizations, learn about their unique cultures and values, and discover potential career paths.

Why should I participate in a Career Trek?

  • Gain exposure to different companies and industries.
  • Learn about internship and full-time employment opportunities.
  • Build your professional network and establish connections with current employees.

Who can participate?

All currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate in Career Treks.

How do I register for Career Treks?

Register for Career Treks on the “Events” page in SJSU Handshake. All experiences will have “Career Trek” in their title.

Sample Itinerary

10:45 AMStudents arrive at company offices and check-in
11:00 AMPresentations about company culture, values, and professional opportunities
12:00 PMNetworking lunch
1:00 PMCompany tour
1:30 PMGroup photos and goodbyes


Treks are normally between 90 minutes and 4 hours. The length of the Trek depends on a number of factors, such as the employer partner’s location and availability.

Treks usually occur on weekdays.

The activities included in each Trek varies by employer. Some activities may include a company tour, Q&A panels, and networking opportunities.

Career Treks are in-person experiences. The goal is for students to experience what it’s like to work onsite at different companies.

There are no formal program fees to participate in Career Treks. However, students are responsible for all transportation-related costs for Treks unless otherwise noted on each Trek’s Handshake event page.

The Career Centerdoes not provide student transportation for Career Treks unless otherwise noted on each Trek’s Handshake event page. For Treks that are farther than 1 mile from SJSU, students will be responsible for all transportation-related costs for attending the Trek.

No, students are not paid for attending Career Treks.

No, students cannot earn academic credit for attending Career Treks.

Some employers may choose to cover the cost of a lunch and/or refreshments, but this decision is up to each employer. Please review each Trek’s event details on Handshake to learn whether food will be provided as part of the experience.

Please email David Poirier to let her know you can no longer join the Trek. This frees up space for anohter student to attend the experience.