Lightcast SkillsMatch is a web-based tool that helps students find SJSU courses and programs that match their career interests. Lightcast also lets students explore the most sought-after skills in different jobs and industries, so they can plan and align their studies according to the job market trends and needs.

Benefits of Using Lightcast

  • Explore careers that best match your current skills and education.
  • Find courses and programs at SJSU that help build high demand skills.
  • Discover new careers based on desired skills.

Currently Enrolled Students

  • Visit Lightcast Skillsmatch and follow the steps below to create an account and/or explore opportunities.
  • If you’re a first-time user, click “Sign Up” and create a profile using your SJSU credentials.
  • If you’ve already created a profile, click “Login.”
  • View our Lightcast Student User Guide for more tips on getting started.

Admitted and Prospective Students, Alumni, Parents and/or Family Members

  • Visit Lightcast Skillsmatch.
  • Click on “Find Opportunities Based on Your Skills” to discover careers, educational offerings, and job postings tailored to your skills and education history.
  • Click on “Start Exploring Opportunities Now” to explore career areas, educational offerings, and job postings based on general skills.


Everyone is welcome to use Lightcast. Enrolled students, prospective students, admitted students, alumni, and family members can all use the tool. 

No, Lightcast does not require single sign-on. This means that anyone can use the tool. 

No, you don’t have to create a profile to use the tool. We highly encourage currently enrolled students to create a profile, as they’ll have access to more features like being able to save skills results.

Lightcast selects skills that are relevant to people, employers, and educators – meaning, they are commonly listed on real-world resumes, professional profiles, and job postings. Lightcast gathers and analyzes millions of these skills each month and also takes suggestions from the community.

Yes. Lightcast releases a new version of its skills library every two weeks. Each release contains new skills and updates to how existing skills are identified.

No, there isn’t a way to see all results. Instead, you can access more results by clicking “Load More Results” at the bottom of the page or by adding more skills to your search. 

Lightcast usually functions best when searching for specific skills. In cases where you don’t get any results, try adding more skills to your search and/or searching for more specific skills. For example, instead of searching for a general skill like “Marketing,” search for marketing-specific skills like “User Story” or “Go-to-Market Strategy.”

Visit Lightcast to learn more.