SJSU² Mentoring & Meetups

SJSU² is our online campus mentoring platform that serves to connect students with alumni and other professionals to help you along your career journey. By engaging with established professionals, you can explore potential career paths, gain career advice on how to break into a field, and grow your professional network. SJSU² is the result of a partnership between the SJSU Career Center, SJSU Alumni Association, and the campus community.

Getting Started

There are two ways you can connect with alumni and other industry professionals:

Professional Mentoring and Meetups (PMM)

The PMM program is an opportunity for students to engage in intentional, semester-long professional relationships with seasoned mentors.

Registration is open to students in August/September for Fall semesters and in January/February for Spring semesters.


Community are 15-30 minute, one-time career conversations between an SJSU student and a community member (e.g. alumni, faculty or staff member, or other industry professionals). These opportunities are available year-round.

More Questions?

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